Born Dashaun Johns in October, 1990. He started Boxing at the “late” age of 17 years thanks to some school friends.

TooSweet progressed quickly in his new passion, starting off on his own being unaffiliated for 2 years until finding Coach Understanding, who took him through the remainder of his Amateur Career.

Working with a new coach, to prepare himself for the Pro’s, TooSweet sought the expertise of Kwame Asante. The bond was instant. Asante’s excellent coaching technique and TooSweet’s quick and eager learning habits have seen a massive improvement in TooSweet’s performance allowing him to beat North Carolina’s five (5) time golden glove champion and taking the Title National Championships in Arkansas in 2016.

TooSweet has signed with management company Scalzo Agency and under the guidance and help of Jay Scalzo, he is building his career while seeking the right promoter.